Instruction in Traditional Oil Painting
      Offering small, personalized, interactive classes in the relaxed setting of my own studio. Each student is guided through painting projects that will serve to build an understanding of composition, color, form, light and shadow.
      We are composing and painting still lifes from the many beautiful props I have collected over the years, or from favorite objects brought into class. We are also exploring all other subject matter with the use of photo reference.
       Studio time is flexible so artists can continue working as long as their inspiration dictates. Beginners are welcome!
                                                                                                       If you have a question or would like to visit the studio/gallery, give me a call at 781 659 7567 , or email me at 
Shelley Thayer Layton               Studio
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"In a sense nothing is commonplace, for everything exists visibly by means of light and color, and light and color are the most fundamental beauties."
                      David Parkhurst (The Painter In Oil)
"Still life is the touchstone of the painter."
                                 Edouard Manet

83 East Water St.
 Rockland, MA